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    Nanjing Detech Future Technology Ltd., a start-up company found in 2018, located in the national economic and technological development zone, Nanjing, China.

    Our company is lead by the elites expertise in optical imaging, materials, semiconductor technology and TFT-array design.We are developing the next generation X-ray plate detector and Liquid crystal antenna.


Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and foreign academician of Russian Academy of Sciences



More than 10 years experience in LCD design

Highly educated R & D personnel


Plate detector disassembly diagram,

The red circle is the Substrate of the X-ray imaging sensor

Liquid Crystal Antenna Diagram


Applications of X-ray sensors:

Health care

Security check

Industrial nondestructive testing

The part that we developed:

What we are working on is the part inside the red box, which is the core of the X-ray sensor.

At the lower right of the figure are the film layers and circuit designs in the red box.

The working principle

After the X-ray is transformed into visible light by the scintillator, it is irradiated to the PIN photodiode to produce photogenerated carriers, which output electrical signals through the TFT.

Phase shifter is the core component of phased array antenna, through the phase shifter to adjust the microwave phase, to control the signal receiving and transmitting direction, a phase shifter control a radiation unit.Existing phase shifters generally use semiconductor diodes, the price of about 10,000 to 50,000 yuan, liquid crystal phase shifters cost about 1/10.


X ray sensor

LC  antenna




Address:Room 221, Science innovation Base, 3 Hengda Road, Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone

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